4 must have iPad apps

Written by Zaki Usman.

iPad Apps for mobile, office and fun


I find this app to be beautifully designed for the iPad. I use it often to make powerful presentations on the run. For a price tag of $9.99 this little utility is worth every penny. You don’t even need to know Keynote on the mac to use it. As long as you’ve some idea on what to do (i.e. familiar with PowerPoint) you should be allright. More at the Appstore.


Forget about scribbling on napkins – now your great ideas can be saved on the Penultimate and easily shared through email. It makes it simple to scribble, draw and jot down your ideas using various ink colors and pen thickness. I still find it hard to really write on it, but that could be because I’ve thick fingers. Very good buy for just $1.99. More on the Appstore.

Analytics for the iPad

A very cool tool that brings Google Analytics to your iPad. Supports multiple accounts (very handy if you want clients data to display without having to renter usernames/passwords). Sometimes I find it a bit slow, but it still saves a lot of time when you want to access visitor analytics on a routine basis. More on the Appstore.

AirAttack HD

An excellent top-down shooter game that’s only $0.99! This is a very cool game to play when you just want to leave the business out of your iPad. Graphics is very detailed, followed by excellent music tracks. The only drawback? The game has a limited number of levels which you can master easily within an hour of play. More on Appstore.

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  • Gil Mendes


    R.I.P Genius Steve Jobs =(


  • Linda_PR


    I use Dropbox extensively with my co-workers and my clients. And I love the iPad app that goes along with it! Thought to mention that in your nice list :).


  • Leo


    My essential iPad app for business is Beesy. It’s a great tool for my everyday life at work. help to sort out and don’t forget a thing on my differents projects. Very useful also in meeting with I can take note and send minutes at the end of the meeting by mail very quickly and easily.


  • Samia


    Great post! Thanks for these great applications.

    In business note-taking app, I’d like to recommend a great one which integrated an interesting concept; saving time from your notes. This app, Beesy, generates automatically ToDo lists from a smart note taking.
    Also, the advantage is you can easily generate professional minutes from your notes and send them by email. Besides, you can browse your ToDo by actions,projects or people. You save a lot of time at meetings.
    I strongly recommend Beesy for people which often have meetings and want to appreciate them again ;)




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