AdCenter has no love for Chrome/Safari

Written by Zaki Usman.

Today, I inadvertently decided to login into Microsoft AdCenter, only to find the following message: Are you serious? You don’t support Chrome and Safari? Looking at the latest stats, Chrome has doubled its market share in 12 months and IE has slowly declined during the same time? Yet with such figures, you still continue to ignore a large chunk of visitors? At best this is loyalty to the IE product team, which is perhaps commendable – but not productive. Or worse, it’s just a lack of market reality… almost as if you guys are eating from the same breakfast bowl as RIM was last year. I’ve a feeling it’s more of the latter, considering that Adcenter still doesn’t support some of the cool features of Adwords (e.g: lack of match types, exact keywords, etc.)

Originally posted 2011-09-15 09:53:03.

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  • SEO


    Good post, thanks!


  • Muraono


    One more reason why I dont use Adwords…


    • Zaki Usman


      You don’t use Adwords? I think Adwords is a good resource to grab paid traffic.


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