Overview is a clean and modern site. It has a sitemap and is indexed properly by Google. The iBE brand is presented well and consistently throughout the site. There are some areas of improvement, as highlighted below:

Top Navigation & Signup Button

There are too many elements in the navigation bar. Current trend is to just list critical elements. These extra menu items also hide Signup Button. Try to use vivid accent colors to increase Button’s visibility.

Hidden Signup

Conversion Process

Clicking on the signup button gives a “Register” lightbox. The form is short and sweet – but the text can be more appealing. Lack of instant access results in unmet expectations (these days, its typical to signup and login instantly to a SaaS tool.)


Streamline for Lead-Gen

Your webcopy is well written, but call-to-action is lost in text. We suggest you summarize content and streamline visitor to Signup/Register. Use simple language, strong messages and web icons to sell the story. Below is an site example of our successful client providing SaaS project management, CRM and billing tool.

Project Mgmt Site example

Code Optimization

Even though uses meta-tags consistently, most keywords are stuffed and tags aren’t fully optimized. We suggest professionally optimizing your code so that you don’t get penalized by Google. Also, your site scored poorly in terms of backlinks. This is worth some effort, since it generates qualified traffic.


Site Performance

We compiled a report on your site performance and you scored quite well. There are a few tweaks that can give good bang-for-the-buck. Sites that perform well rank better on Google (so more organic traffic) and such sites give a smoother user-experience (so more signups/leads).


How we can Help

We can work with your team to tweak and optimize your online presence. We create beautiful marketing campaigns that focus on lead-generation. We promote through search engine marketing and social media. Talk to us on how we can deliver amazing results for

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