Analysis: RuggedCom

Site Overview

You have a clean and modern looking site. Content is well presented with a structured flow.

Who is visiting you?

Your ideal visitor is an mid-level engineer. We estimate this is the type of profile currently visiting your site.

website demographics

How do they find you?

Even though you get the right audience, you aren’t getting enough organic visitors. We suggest experimenting with Adwords. See how one of your competitor is so aggressive with this strategy.

Online ads

Press and Social Footprint

You are courting the press and online community well. This gives you an edge over some competitors.


Dealing with News

Not all news is good news (e.g. RuggedCom backdoor security issue.)  This is the nature of your business. You can damage control by:

  • containing fallout (both online and in the press)
  • getting follow up coverage on fixes and updates
  • and regain your brand promise

Target Messaging

Some of your best messages are a bit hidden (e.g. this market report where you are #1).

Online ads

It’s best to place these messages on the homepage to build credibility and trust. Other messages could be:

  • Best rated by our customers (based on some survey)
  • Free updates and support (address techie concerns)
  • Try before you buy (lower buyers risk)

How we can help

We work with your marketing team to find resonating messages. We use these to improve your Search Engine Marketing (both online Ads + SEO) to get qualified traffic. Finally, we combine press efforts with web marketing to sell your story. All this to generate qualified leads – that give better ROI.

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