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I was looking at improving my web analytics software when I came across eTracker’s Web Analytics. I have followed this company for a few months now, but I never had a good close look at their application until recently.

As a company eTracker focuses on web-analytics tools. Its flagship product is called “Web Analytics” and is very similar to Google Analytics. It’s a SaaS tool that uses page tagging to generate visitor stats. It can offer path analysis, visitor segmentation, campaign tracking and a few other features. The price starts at 150 euros per month with various upgrade packages.

So in summary, eTracker’s Web analytics is a typical service for web visitor tracking and analysis. The only unique aspect of their offering is that they are fully compliant with the German data protection laws. This is clearly stated in their website as their Unique Selling Point, and perhaps the only one when you compare the rich feature sets of other web analytic tools in the market.


This would explain the new line of products eTracker has developed that build on top of web-analytics. They offer a product called Visitor Voice, which allows you to survey website visitors and poll their feedback in easy to understand pain points. What’s interesting is how you can combine quantifiable web-site stats (Web Analytics) with a qualitative survey (Visitor Voice) to do house cleaning on your website. This is further enhanced by correlating your data with industry benchmarks through a service called Web Controlling.


The company also markets their professional services packages considerably, including developing customizable web-analytics solutions. This approach could have merit, considering the number of new German based SaaS vendors. SaaS vendors can get a wealth of marketing data by analyzing their SaaS tool usage. It seems eTracker is well poised for growth in this respect – lets see what the future holds for them.

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    Jan Moeller


    What tool generates web analytics by combining java scripts in the web-page and server log files? I need something that is more reliable. Right now my google analytics produces corrupted data that I cannot trust.


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