What makes a good Landing Page?

Written by Zaki Usman.

A landing page is a simplified version of your website that showcases a single product or service.  The web visitor comes to a landing page from an external site (i.e. Google.com) and is enticed to try or buy your offer. A good landing page only focuses on a single message with a goal. This goal can be a download, registration, trial or a buy action.
As you consider designing a landing page as part of your SEM program, remember the 4 main elements:

Consistent Look-n-feel:

A Landing page must be a simplified version of your site, but still honor the “corporate theme.” This ensures your visitors have the same visual brand experience, but find it easy to read and understand your marketing message. Key design elements here are simplicity, creativity and logic.

Wow Factor:

A good landing page has a creative graphics that grabs the visitor’s attention. Remember the 2-20 rule: you’ve two seconds to interest the visitor to spend another 20 seconds on your landing page.

Marketing Hook:

Keep your marketing hook short and to the point. This is your 20 seconds to tell the visitor why he should care about what you offer. It’s important to tie your message with the sponsored ad that brought the visitor to the page. So if your Google ad said “Miniature Aluminum Widgets”, then make sure this is your landing page headline.


This is the most important part of the landing page, a visible call-to-action (such as download, registration, trail, purchase). Make sure this stands out on the page and is clearly visible as soon as the visitor lands on the page. You can use tools to optimize your landing pages for best conversion. Some tools include Clicktale, Pagealizer or even Google Analytics. Also it’s a good idea to have many different versions of the landing page and use Google Website Optimizer to find the winning design.

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  • Cruz


    Landinpages are more complex now. Peformance on sitemap, usability and average user time is also included in google quality score. This changes your Landing page peformance. You make a good page, but quality score is down and your conversions suffer.


  • Aleksia


    This is a good post on landing pages. But what is most important is to do A/B testing. What we consider to be “good” might be boring for visitors or vice-versa. So A/B testing is the best way to get best results from web site pages.


    • Zaki Usman


      Thanks Aleksia. A/B testing is very good – you ask your visitors to decide on what is good or not. Great concept!


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