Web prototype made easy with Pidoco

Written by Zaki Usman.

Pidoco is a simple SaaS application to wireframe web projects and prototype mobile apps. Here’s a video that showcases what it does in detail:

Unlike competing tools, Pidoco is specifically designed for remote collaboration and user feedback. A strong selling point for studios that cater to remote clients or have virtual development teams. Some of the things I particularly like about Pidoco are:
  • Intuitive Interface: The tool has no learning curve and is very easy to master.
  • Speedy SaaS: With good use of AJAX, the tool zips across the browser. The server also responds fast enough to give a good user experience.
  • Simple Tool set: Only the essentials are there in the palette, which is perfect for quick and easy prototyping.
  • Group Collaboration: Group work (both feedback and improvements) is simplified with its web-based approach.
  • Real-time usability testing: Usability testing is offered through built-in screen share.

Less is more

Unlike other tools in the market, Pidoco focus on the essentials to make prototyping fast and easy. It doesn’t offer some of the advanced features of Balsamiq or Justinmind (i.e. cool buttons, various containers or mobile icons.) But it makes up with its easy work collaboration, similar to ProtoShare. Pidoco’s simple approach works very well for projects that need quick and easy prototyping with remote collaboration. Pricing starts at $9/mo for the SaaS tool. For larger development studios, Pidoco offers a solution that can be installed in-house.

Originally posted 2011-04-04 00:45:05.

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    • Zaki Usman


      Some of the products you listed are only available as a download service. pidoco is a web-based service. Check the feature sets, including palette, usability and collaboration to see which one fits your requirements. Also look at the price tag. $9/mo for unlimited projects is pretty sweet deal.


  • In_the_Clouds


    This is interesting tool. Makes it easy to visualize the workings of the content and how its related/linked.


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