WeMonIt: Get alerts when website is down

Written by Zaki Usman.

Came across a cool SaaS tool called WeMonIt. It allows you to monitor your web-app for downtime. If the app doesnt respond in a timely fashion, WeMonIt sends you an alert (through email, text or push notification).

The service is free upto 5 sites, additional sites can be added for a nominal fee. WeMonIt has its servers based all over Germany. So this is useful when your traffic is predominantly German and want to identify network issues within central Europe.

Other than WeMonIt, there are many other similar tools:

Originally posted 2012-01-21 02:10:35.

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  • Jörg Z.


    Hello, we are using WeMonit for our website too. It gives us a good monitor service and report at the end. The only problem is that the number of websites is limited.


  • Mike_WebMaster


    Thats a neat tool, thanks Zaki


  • Jessie


    This is a good service – only problem… it’s only in German. Will they ever make an English UI to it?


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