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Zaki Usman

Hello, I'm the founder and CEO at ShoutEx. I like to blog about marketing, mobile and web topics. Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn.

Poll on Facebook B2B marketing

Last week, I ran a poll on the business value of Facebook Ads for B2B software sales. The survey revealed an interesting pattern – there is no clear direction of what people think about Facebook Ads.

RainKing Review

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The idea behind RainKing is simple. RainKing employs dozens of human researchers to find managers, decision makers and executives in larger companies. This is kept in a database which clients can subscribe too. The added costs of manually vetting information (as opposed to using online spiders) is shared amongst Rainking subscribers through a subscription fee model.

Marketing for Severa is challenging, fun and it has its rewards too – for one, the Red Herring Global 100 Award. We won this award the past weekend at the Red Herring Global 2008 in San Diego. It was the first time in Red Herring’s history that they picked the best 100 startups in the world from Top 100 lists for Asia, Europe and North America. And it gives me and my team at Severa great sense of pride and accomplishment to be part of this exclusive Global top 100 list.

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