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Hello, I'm the founder and CEO at ShoutEx. I like to blog about marketing, mobile and web topics. Feel free to connect with me on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Enecto provides a B2B Identification solution using a code snippet thats part of your website. It matches the visitors IP address with a pool of IP addresses in its database. If there is a match, it identifies the visitor from such and such company.

At a recent business networking event @krusk introduced me to CardMunch – a cool mobile app that lets you take a photo of a business card and then upload it seamlessly to a transcription service. That’s were human eyes verify if the OCR picked up all the right things and push the contact information back to your iPhone app.

Twitter RT Effect

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I have been analyzing Twitter patterns such as number of updates, follower ratio and @replies. There are many tools that talk about these ratios and how it can be useful in gauging your true twitter network value. One thing that I follow closely is which messages are ReTweeted (RT) and how far they propagate in my network.

Twitter RT

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