Basic Code for Marketers

Coding isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. I tried my hand at learning code, but was perplexed immediately following basic html lessons. But that’s OK. I’m not a coder by trade, so I don’t need to know the hard-core languages that stump most.

As a digital marketer however, it is good to have some code in your back pocket. Here is basic code every marketer can easily pick-up

Meta Tags

Meta information is the section of code that describes a web page. In this section you’ll find important page attributes like the page url, title and description. This information isn’t seen directly on the page, its more of a text run-down of what that web page is all about.

When Its Important: Get familiar with meta tags if your doing any kind of search engine marketing. Search engines use a pages meta information properly index a page. They also weight accurate and original meta information heavily in their ranking algorithms.

Heads and Paragraph Tags

These tags contain the actual text content that is seen on your page. Header tags make up the headlines and sub lines of a web page. Paragraph tags contain the actual body of text that is seen on a page.

When Its Important: If your doing any work on content management system (CMS) like WordPress, Joomla or Drupal these tags are key. This means any kind of page edits, blogging or any other changes in content. Header and paragraph tags form the basis for any kind of page content structure.

Open Graph Tags

Open graph tags do fall under the “meta tags” section of a page’s code, but deserve recognition in this blog. These tags are like meta-information for your social posts. og tags are what generate structured information and images for social posts.

When its important: When your posting content regularly to social channels like Facebook or Twitter. The structured content og tags generates will undoubtedly help boost social engagement when used.

The Basics

These sections of code are easy to learn and understand. As a marketer, I don’t go into my pages back end and make any code changes (with the exception of headers and paragraph tags for blogging). Instead, I locate these tags on web pages, make my edits, and pass this off to a skill developer who can easily update the code.

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