Comparing the Top 4 in the Music Streaming World

Below is a list of Music streaming services that I’ve come across. I’ve shared my thoughts on each.


The granddaddy of the list, Pandora was launched in 2000. With its long lifespan Pandora has managed to build an impressive user-base of 80 million people. However, it has by far the smallest library at a mere 900, 000 songs, which when compared to the others on this list is absolutely tiny. Also, users can’t listen to any song they like, instead users listen to radio stations, supported by ads, based on genres and can use six skips and 24 fast-forwards a day to get to the songs they want to hear and past the ones they don’t. Also, unfortunately for Canadian listeners, their region is restricted to the U.S., Australia and New Zealand.


Spotify has been around since 2008 and since that time has garnered a user base of 60 million in 58 countries worldwide. Only 15 million of its users however have paid the $9.99 a month for their Premium service. The rest, seem more than happy to put up with the occasional ad interrupting their enjoyment of Spotify’s 30 million song library. A draw for Spotify is its Facebook integration, which makes finding friends and sharing music easy.

Apple Music

Apple Music is the latest on the music streaming scene, having been around since June 30 of this year, and was pre-installed on the new iOS 8.4 giving it an immediate leg up with iPhone users. Apple Music is $9.99 a month and for that money, you not only get access to over 30 million tracks, but you also get Siri as your personal DJ. Want to hear each Led Zeppelin song that made the Top 40 chart? All you have to do is ask.


Rdio tries to be a jack of all-trades and a balance between all of the above. It has a large 30 million song library like Apple Music and Spotify, but like Pandora, those songs are limited to being on radio stations based on genres, and the user can have six skips to pass on what they’d like. However, Rdio’s edge comes in its tiered subscription service. At the lowest tier, $3.99 a month, the user can listen ad free and has an unlimited amount of skips. At the top tier, $9.99 a month, the user can listen to any song, at any time.

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