Content Adwords work with Consistent Messaging

Content Ads on google network are a fast and cost-effective way to generate qualified interest on your site. The following checklist helps when creating content ads:

  • What type of site do you want your ads to appear?
  • How busy are visitors on those sites?
  • Based on how much time visitors can spare, what’s the most effective message?
  • Does this message work to give you leads?

Example Ad focused for Biz-Dev type of audience

Consistent messaging is key

I’d suggest using an image ad that has a consistent accompanying landing page. For example here is an ad targeting business decision. Since this ad is a few years old, you can see the dated “cloud messaging” format. Notice the consistent theme in both ad and landing page. This is very important to lower bounce rates and increase conversion ratios.

Example: Cloud-theme ad and landing page

Trackback from your site.

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    You practice inside your industry? I think these ads work well in cloud-based or SaaS environments where the ads have a soup-to-nuts strategy. In other words you can draw a visitor in from a compelling ad to a landing page and a “Free-trial” call to action. But does it work in other scenarios?


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