A guide to successful email marketing

Email marketing has been around for a long time and there’s a reason why – it still works. Below are a few guidelines we use here at ShoutEx to deliver effective email marketing campaigns.

Get permission

  • You can’t start a campaign without email addresses and sending emails to people who have bought into your call to action is more effective than a cold call, that will likely end with a quick delete or worse, marked as spam.
  • An effective CTA relies on good copy writing and an enticing offering.

Stay out of the Spam folder

  • If you wind up in spam, you will never get seen.
  • Stay out of spam by getting whitelisted.
  • Have instructions in your first follow-up email after a successful CTA to get your mailing address added to their whitelist.
  • Major email providers like Google offer tips for not winding up in the spam folder.

Manage Expectations and maintain consistency

  • If your CTA promises weekly emails, or monthly, then stick to that schedule and live up to those expectations, no-more and no-less.
  • If it is more, then it seems pushy and if it is less, then they may forget signing up for your newsletter.
  • If your campaign is focusing on a pitch or a push for a product, be sure to have enough content to meet your expectations. Maybe include links to external and relevant blog posts.
  • An autosender can help you load-up future installments for the campaign.

Build a relationship:

  • Good email campaigns don’t always push a product; they also give personal updates on developments in the business.

Look slick, be quick:

  • Most readers don’t want to spend all day reading a novel, at the same time they also want an email to fun and eye catching.

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