Employee Advocacy with Suzen

Working with large Enterprise clients, we’ve come across a frequent and common issue of Employee Advocacy.

What is Employee Advocacy

First let’s define Employee Advocacy. It’s when Employees promote the company on social channels. This could be as simple as a share or a like of a company post to something more elaborate.

Employee Advocacy allows employees to be engaged with the company’s social brand as well as increase Brand IQ. Customers perceive the company in more positive light and are more likely to interact with the company.

ShoutEx’s approach to Advocacy

We realize companies want a simple way to increase Employee Advocacy without burdening the social-media team, nor making it feel like a chore for Employees. The best Employee Advocacy works when its easy, intrinsic and organic. With that said, we started to develop Suzen.

Suzen turns Employees into Brand Ambassadors

Suzen is an online app that converts Employees into Brand Ambassadors. Suzen scans all social channels of the company (including LinkedIn Company Pages, Corporate Twitter Account, and the Company’s Facebook page) to create “stories” out of corporate social posts.

These stories are shared as daily digest emails with the employees to highlight most popular trends in the company’s timeline. The marketing team can also promote some stories that they feel deserve more attention.

Detailed Employee Advocacy Analytics

The beauty of Suzen is in the power of daily emails. Employees don’t need any software – they get the gist of the social activity in a short and simple email. If anything captures their attention, they can engage with the post with a single click.

These opens and clicks are tracked by Suzen to give detailed analytics to the marketing team. This way the team knows which stories do better and which employees are most active. The dashboard shows such leaderboard metrics which the company can use for rewarding employees.

Join the Suzen Beta

We are still in the early stages of our development process and have Suzen beta available at www.suzen.co.

Employee Advocacy with Suzen to make Brand Ambassadors

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