Google Sitelinks Icons – Sitelinks Icons Tests

Did you notice that? It looks like Google is testing new sitelinks icons on mobile / tablet.

We caught a glimpse of the sitelinks icons while searching on Google using iPad. Have a look:

Google Sitelinks Icon iPad

Let’s dive a bit more into the new Google sitelinks icons.

Why Haven’t We Seen This Yet?

Odds are a lot of Google users haven’t noticed the new sitelinks icons as of yet. Here’s a few reasons why:

  • Google tests new features in different geographic locations before full roll-outs.
  • Sitelinks icons are only on mobile / tablet devices.
  • There isn’t much news on the topic.

What are the New Icons?

So far, here are the icons and their correlating sitelinks that I’ve seen:

  • Building = About
  • Briefcase = Careers
  • A person (square icon) = Contact
  • A person (circular icon) = Login
  • A map point = Location
  • Conversation bubble = Messaging the company through your device

They appear to the left of the sitelinks extensions and use a darker gray to contrast the white background.

Why is Google Testing New Icons

So what’s the deal with the new sitelinks icons?

It looks like Google is trying to boost the mobile friendliness of their search engine. This is why we’ve only seen sitelinks icons on mobile / tablet so far.

I actually think the icons add value to Google’s search engine on mobile view. While it doesn’t make a world of difference, the icons are synonymous with their associated sitelink. It makes it easier for searchers to click the correct sitelinks when browsing on smaller mobile screens.

These icons make me think of the emoji craze. A lot of the time while writing out a message on my iPhone I’ll use an emoji over the actual word. Is it necessary? no. Is it fun and entertaining? yes.

And it does the exact same thing as writing the word. So why not use an emoji, or throw an icon beside sitelinks?

What do you think about Googles new sitelinks icons? Do they make a difference in your experience? Let us know in the comments below.

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