How to generate SaaS leads with no advertising

Pagezii is our SaaS offering for Digital Marketing. We’ve had a very successful beta launch since the start of the year. We’re now focused on getting as many relevant eyeballs to our product and converting the traffic into an identifiable contact.

For the month of February, we generated 370 leads through our Pagezii lead capture process. Here are a few tips and tricks we applied to get those amazing numbers:

  • Focused on Content Marketing: Our initial focus is on content marketing to drive qualified visitors to our site. Since our product is about Blog optimization, this comes naturally to our marketing team. But nonetheless, it’s a very labor-intensive exercise.
  • Invest in SEO: We just don’t write content for our blog, but we go the extra mile in optimizing our content for Search Engine friendliness. We rank on page 1 for a number of different keywords that are important to our business.
  • Promote with Social: We also pay attention to our social media channels and how to promote content there. This is also a labor-intensive exercise, but our target market does use social media. And this investment pays off in the long run for us.
  • UX, UX and UX: Getting interested traffic to the site is half the battle. The other half has to do with capturing the visitors as leads. This is when Conversion Optimization comes to play. We focus heavily on improving the user experience to provide the “goods” without any hassle. This rule has helped deliver over 30% conversion rates on some of our landing pages.
  • Deliver on the Promise: And last but not least, we apply the golden rule. Treat our users with respect, so if they came to the blog with the promise of something, we make sure this is followed through in the landing page with a gated asset. This ensures we get social shares, likes and repeat visitors.

You can read more about the techniques at “How to generate 370 SaaS leads for your Enterprise product


Zaki Usman

Hello, I'm the founder and CEO at ShoutEx. I like to blog about marketing, mobile and web topics. Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn.

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    Hey Zaki, Really smart post and right on the money. Keep up the great work!

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