How to Increase SEO Ranking in Google – The 5 Minute Guide

We all know the benefit of top SEO ranking in Google:

Huge potential for generating site visitors.

But how do you get there?

Keep reading to discover how to increase SEO ranking in Google.

Increase SEO ranking in Google by Target the Right Search Terms (Keyword Research and Targeting)

For site’s with domain authority, SEO ranking in Google for a popular search term comes easy.

But this isn’t the case for smaller sites. So you have to be savvy. And because you have to be savvy, you have to target the right searches right off the bat.

Here are tips for you need to use:

  • Target long-tail search terms.
  • Look at your search analytics report – find keywords here that you’re almost ranking on page one for. Build content around those topics.
  • Look for search terms that are about to become popular and write about them first.

How to Increase SEO Ranking in Google - Keyword Targeting Strategy

Search Engine Optimize your Page Content to Increase Ranking

After you found a keyword target you know you can own, write your page content.

And because your goal is to increase SEO ranking in Google, you have to walk a fine line.

Here’s what I mean:

You never want to sacrifice quality content for the sake of google rankings. If you do, your pages come off as spammy. This hurts your rankings rather than improving them.

Instead, write quality content for human eyes, but be sharp to place your target term where it makes sense.

And when it comes to page content, here are the areas of your page where keyword placement is important:

  • Page title, description, and URL – you don’t see this content on the actual page itself. These are called meta elements. Here’s where you do see them at work:

How to Increase SEO Ranking in Google - Optimizing Meta Elements

  • Body Elements – These are elements that are on your page, like your headings, paragraph text, and images. Again, your goal is to sprinkle the target keyword in these page elements. But keep in mind – don’t compromise the page by stuffing the keyword where it doesn’t fit.

To get an idea of how well your search engine optimizing your page content, grade your page’s SEO score.

How to Increase SEO Ranking in Google -SEO Grader Tool Pagezii

Building Page Authority in your Community

After you’ve honed in on a topic and optimized your content, it’s time to build page authority.

But how do you do that?

This part’s all about promotion. And you can do this a few ways.

Try reaching out to members of your community with your content. By sharing relevant content, you put yourself on the radar. This leads to potential backlinks and community promotion.

Speaking of promotion, make sure you’re sharing your content across social networks. You can share your content anywhere, but to help boost quality traffic, share your content on networks that make sense.

This leads to more traffic and more sharing, a plus in search engine social ranking factors.

How to Increase SEO Ranking in Google

Once you start promotion content with off page SEO techniques, you’ll start to see an increase in SEO Ranking in Google.

How to Increase SEO Ranking in Google

This is the basic blueprint for increasing SEO ranking in Google.

Once you refine your methods at each step of the process, you’ll see your site ranking increase to top ranks.

Have any other tips to add? Make sure to leave it in the comments below.

Want to see these techniques in action? Check out this video tutorial on how to SEO blog posts in under five minutes.

How to Increase SEO Ranking in Google blog post optimization Pagezii

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