Top Youtube Video Ads of 2014

Each year YouTube audiences are presented with video ads varying from blowout sales on brand new mattresses to the webs most popular brain training programs. What makes us explore these offerings that seem to be tailored to our personal preferences? Although I can’t say every single video ad that I’m exposed to sparks an interest and makes me click, I generally tend to look into an ad that has been delivered to me based on what I have searching for the previous day. Such is the beauty of Google Targeted Ads hard at work!

While countless YouTube video ads caught my eye throughout the year, a few really stick out and stamped a lasting impression on me. Here is my list of my top five video ads of 2014:

#5: Matthew McConaughey and the MKC: “Bull” Official Commercial

  • I’m sure this one resonates as a lasting ad many people. This ad sticks out to me simply because I had first caught Lincoln’s “Intro” ad, which I thought was fairly cheesy. When I eventually caught “Bull”, I thought Lincoln hysterically defused the serious nature of “Intro”. And it’s randomly hilarious.

#4: Office Hottie Daydream – #LastRolo

  • The minute I saw this add I had to share it. From the first line of this video ad to the last I was drawn into the comedic conversation between two female co-workers as they daydream about the office hottie while snacking on Rolo chocolate.

#3:  The Source Holiday Commercial – Scrooge Ghost

  • At first I thought this video advertisement was ridiculous, but the more I came across it, the more I came to love it. How can you not laugh at a young 19th century boy rapping about “blowing stacks in the club” while listening to his Beats by Dre headphones?

#2: The North Face: “Your Land

  • A beautifully crafted video. This video combines a minimalist concept with all-encompassing content (and an awesome Bob Dylan cover).

#1: Win The Right Way feat Chiwetel Ejiofor

  • Chivas Regal takes the 2014 video ad cake. This video inspires me to #WinTheRightWay while I enjoy a fine glass of luxury whiskey.

Something else I found interesting about my #1 video ad of 2014 is that Chivas created an almost exact copy of this ad but with a different actor seen here: Win The Right Way feat Oscar Isaac. Why create two similar copies of the same ad with different actors?

Chivas most likely developed two ads that were very similar in content but weren’t sure which ad would be more popular. “Win the Right Way” demonstrates the power of digital marketing: that promotional strategies such as A/B split testing can provide answers to ambiguous questions. This is something we invest heavily and believe in here at ShoutEx. As for the Chivas Ad, see for yourself who won –

“Win the Right Way” (Ejiofor) “Win the Right Way” (Isaac)
Today 30-Dec Today 30-Dec
Day Published 3-Oct Day Published 1-Oct
Days 88 Days 90
Views 1,124,172 Views 11,129
Likes 122 Likes 106
Dislikes 13 Dislikes 9
Views/Like 9214.54 Views/Like 104.99
Like/Dislike Ratio 90% Like/Dislike Ratio 92%
Views/Reaction 8327.2 Views/Reaction 96.77
Views Since Published
(per day)
12774.68 Views Since Published
(per day)


Looking forward to what 2015’s video ads have to offer!

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