Landing Page Analysis

For the past few weeks, I’ve been testing three very different modes of online advertising.

Landing Page Audiences

This includes Google AdWords, LinkedIn Direct Ads and Facebook Ads.

The Google network generates highly targeted, active leads and the other two leverage a pool of professional/social networking users.

I ran many similar tests to compare performances between the 3 different channels. Below are my numbers for each advertising channel shown as conversions in relation to the time spent on the landing page by the visitor.

Figures and statistics on landing page analysis

PPC Audience type

The type of audience in each network is different: Google and Facebook being PPC driven and LinkedIn being a CPM model, the performance is different too – especially when it comes to spending time on a landing page and resulting actions from it.

But there is a universal trend in the data above. I’ve tried to illustrate the general pattern below.

Landing Page graph analysis

Rapid Loss Zone

I guess first impressions count, especially in this Zone. Visitors got a feel for my page and product within a few seconds and decided to read further on or just click on the back button.

Visitors that converted in this zone were of low quality. They don’t spend that much time reading to see if they were a good fit. They only converted because of the carrot dangling at the end (i.e. the free trial download or whitepaper, etc.)

I noticed that Facebook Ads leads were the most impatient. I had the majority of them leave in a few seconds, followed by LinkedIn.

Optimum Zone

I got the best conversions in this zone.

Visitors were on the page long enough to digest the information and follow through the marketing hook. In my tests this zone was between 30 seconds (t1) to 2 minutes (t2) – exact numbers depend on the landing page complexity and here traffic came from (Facebook/Google/LinkedIn.) I found that Google AdWords had the best conversion rates – a lot higher than LinkedIn and Facebook.

Zombie Zone

Here the visitors just lingered on without much activity. Either they forgot about the open tab on my landing page or they went for a break.

They don’t convert once they’d passed the 5-minute marker.

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    Very interesting post


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    Zaki Usman


    Nice product you’ve there. I’m already testing it out. Will probably talk about it in the next few weeks. Thanks!


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    Nikki Bachmann


    Very interesting post. This makes sense. I see this trend in my Google Analytics. My goals are highest when visitors spend some time, but not too long. What about where the text/buttons are placed? I place my action button on the right side, somewhere above the fold. But have you seen which areas give the best click thrus?


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