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Have you tried LeadLander yet? Unlike other visitor tracking services which are primarily designed for web analytics, Leadlander is designed with the “sales guy” in mind.

What is LeadLander?

The premise behind it is simple. As a B2B company, you care the most about enterprise visitors that bring you revenue. LeadLander filters out the “tire kickers” and lets you focus on the corporate/business visitors. It removes clutter from your web logs to show “sale” interested data.

How does Leadlander work?

If you are familiar with Leadlander, then read our more advanced review between Leadlander vs. Google Analytics.

Leadlander indpendent review

Using tracking code that’s plugged into the footer section of your website, the service tracks visitor’s navigation habits. Then your sales team can log into LeadLander and use the web interface to get visitor information, including:

  • Keywords/Search term used by visitors/leads
  • Entrance page/Exit page of visitors
  • Navigation path/Area of interest
  • Time spent on site and other visiting habits/specs

LeadLander also keeps a database of known employees of the visiting company. It doesn’t mean this is who the lead is – but rather these could be possible/potential points of contact.

Advantages of LeadLander

The ability to track visitors as they shift through your website could have some business potential. If those visitors ever become a lead (i.e. fill out a form and share their contact details with you) then you know what section of your website interested them the most. This can be useful in making intelligent conversation the first time you talk to them.

With LeadLander there is also the advantage of getting all the web analytics (i.e. best performing keywords, high conversion pages, etc.) But you can get all that information for free using Google AdWords in combination with Google Analytics. All this is available at no cost, so why would you want to pay for LeadLander? The only advantage with LeadLander is that the analytics is specific to a lead that your sales guy is working on.

Leadlander visitor tracking review

My Experience with Leadlander

A few months ago, I tested LeadLander and opted not to use the service. The prime reason it didn’t work for me was my sales model. My sales cycle requires educating the customer a lot with intense “hand holding.” The benefit of “knowing which areas your leads browsed through” didn’t really help me because my leads needed a lot of hand holding anyway. Also, I’m using Google Analytics very effectively so I didn’t benefit that much from the web analytics of LeadLander.

In a business where the sales cycle is short and less involved, then LeadLander could turn out to be a useful tool. Whatever your model, I would still recommend you give the free trial a shot. It still is a cool product and has some degree of “awe” to it. And just maybe it works with your sales model. You never know until you try it.

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    Engago Team


    If you need hand holding: try LEADSExplorer with the Activity Charts: this matches the level and intensity of visit activity with the communications (in and out) and downloads.
    You can measure the effectiveness of your nurturing visually.


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    Hey, Nicely explained.
    I use statcounter to keep a track of my visitor’s activity. It gives me the IP address and then I use who.is to find out more details about them. My interest is to know the organisation name from where people visit my website. But almost all of the times I get to know only the ISP’s name.

    So, is leadlander any different? Does it find out the name of the organisation every single time?


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