Microsoft Surface Tablet announced

Just an hour ago, Microsoft revealed its new Surface tablet, with a 10.6 inch, HD Screen. The device is thin enough to just support a USB port. There are two versions planned. First one runs Windows RT and then a few months later the tablet will support the full version of Windows 8.

microsoft windows surface tablet to rival ipad

It’s all in the Cover

Ballmer and Co spent a good part of the presentation (which by the way was staged more like an Apple event) on the actual cover – dubbed TouchCover/TypeCover. Now get this, the cover also doubles as a trackpad and a keyboard. So you can flip open your tablet and start typing on it (almost as if it were a laptop). The back of the tablet has a built in kickstand.

Possible iPad Rival

This is a pretty upscale tablet that takes aim at the iPad. Also the fact that the keyboard/kickstand is builtin, instead of dishing out an additional $100 bucks as in the case of the iPad makes it rather interesting. There was no word on when this would be at the stores, but the bloggers at Cnet speculated sometime in October (just in time for the holidays).

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