Nokia N9 on MeeGo – not Win7?

Nokia N9 was announced recently, the phone designed to “swipe” with one hand. It’s arguably a step closer to Nokia’s reinvention in the market place. Its expected to come out sometime in Q3, before the iPhone5 launch.

Tech Specs

The phone supports a 1GHz processor running MeeGo with a 16GB and 64GB version and a price tag of approx $700. Also included is a 8 megapixel camera, GPS, WiFi and bluetooth. Nothing out of the ordinary, other than MeeGo as the operating system.

Playing Catch up

Nokia has a lot of catching up to do in the smartphone market, and one of the reasons why it decided to go with Windows 7. So it really surprises me to see MeeGo as the platform – rending the N9 almost a “hobby phone” to the N900 type geeks.

Rather a Win7 phone

The value of Smartphones isn’t just the device itself, but the entire ecosystem around it. The future of the Ovi store is questionable, especially after massive layoffs at Nokia. So at best, the choice go to with MeeGo may be symbolic for a team that’s leaving… or worse, shows disarray in the Nokia camp. Whatever the case, I’d rather see a Win7 phone by now… after all that’s where Nokia’s reinvention is supposed to go towards.

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    Smartphone Junkie


    Nokia is in a bind… some estimates put 2015 as a good year for Windows based phones. Too optimistic perhaps.


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    I’m waiting for the Nokia phone to come out with Windows. Did you see Win8? It kicks ass!


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