I remember a time when I used to get weather alerts as text messages on my phone. Now, I get them as tweets while sitting at conferences. And this time, I got to read about our first snow in Montreal while listening to a keynotes session at Webcom. Ironically, the session was about the power of Twitter.

I’ve been looking at LeadLander every now and then. I find it’s a very cool product with its ability to track visitors. It does a reverse look-up of the IP address to distinguish between corporate visitors and “home/ISP” users. The idea being that in B2B sales, corporate visitors would count more.

Have you ever wondered what motivates a person to click on the “Follow” button on your Twitter profile?  Some are genuinely interested in your tweets/updates. Others want to expand their social reach and a few may follow you for a free “follow-back.”

Before the start of summer, I had ordered over 300 branded beach balls to be used for some promotional offer. While I was sweating out the heat wave in Severa HQ, a light bulb went off… “Hey, how about we use those beach balls to get more Twitter followers?”

So my marketing team including Tiina Rossi (Social Media Expert) and Henri Årgen (Art Guru) got busy to launch “Follow us on Twitter and win a beach ball campaign.” The landing page below explains the idea in more detail.

Are you considering implementing DemandBase, LeadLander or a similar service? Such tools help identify visitors as they browse through your site. If they visit some key pages, the tool can trigger automatic nurturing emails, as well as alert your sales team for a follow up.

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