Even though I will go off the track here, but I would like to talk about how great it feels when the product you market gets press coverage – especially if its positive.  I was pleasantly surprised to read the article from Antti Vilpponen in the Nordic ArticStartup Blog. Antti covers Severa 3, the product that I have helped market and launch recently. He writes:

Marketing for Severa is challenging, fun and it has its rewards too – for one, the Red Herring Global 100 Award. We won this award the past weekend at the Red Herring Global 2008 in San Diego. It was the first time in Red Herring’s history that they picked the best 100 startups in the world from Top 100 lists for Asia, Europe and North America. And it gives me and my team at Severa great sense of pride and accomplishment to be part of this exclusive Global top 100 list.

Severa 3 Launched

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After more than 70,000 lines of code, hundreds of hours of sales demos and thousands of marketing datasheets later, we’ve finally launched Severa 3. The new solution allows for easy project management, CRM functions, billing and invoicing for SMEs.

A few statistics to keep in mind…

The year 2008 is long gone, and in the past weeks Advertisers have been working tirelessly to set their objectives and budgets for 2009. Marketing professionals know that they need to keep their eyes on media trends, and increasing evidence shows that online advertising will continue to grow at a steady pace.

Poll on Facebook B2B marketing

Last week, I ran a poll on the business value of Facebook Ads for B2B software sales. The survey revealed an interesting pattern – there is no clear direction of what people think about Facebook Ads.

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