RBC Films Presents: A Great Video Marketing Campaign

Last April RBC launched a video marketing campaign called “The Mortgage”.

This insatiable series not only gave us a marketing campaign that literally everyone can enjoy, but it provided us a platform to analyze what viewers thought about the series.Here are a few reasons why I thought the campaign was such a success.


What makes this series so watchable is that it applies the same storyline we are all so familiar with, attaches it to genres we all love, and combines it with something most of the target audience (25-35 yr old) has to go through – buying a home.


The series initially caught my attention as a YouTube ad. To my surprise, what I initially thought was another summer blockbuster was actually “The Mortgage” campaign.

After watching one, I had to watch the other three videos – And that’s what viral marketing is all about. And kudos to RBC films for making it worth my while.

What the Numbers Show

I quickly crunched some numbers to show you which videos viewers liked and which ones not so much:


Based on the numbers above (As of July 9, 2015), it looks like the Rom-com is the clear victor with the most views & likes.

We can also see that viewers were the least fond of the drama video – which garnered the least amount of views and sports the worst view per dislike stat.

What I found most interesting in my analysis of campaign stats was the Sci-Fi video numbers. The video is undeniably performing well in terms of the amount of views it has garnered in a one-month time span. However, as I examined the numbers more closely, I found the Sci-Fi video is actually performing the worst in terms of engagement rate – Here’s why:

  • The Sci-Fi video is viewed around 8,300 times before it gains a like. That amounts to almost twice as may views per like than the next closest video.
  • Similarly, the view per engagement figure sits around 8,300 as well.
  • Finally the views per dislike ratio also show low engagement. In most cases a higher figure in this category is positive – but for this case it is very inconsistent compared to the other three videos, adding to the point of low engagement.

Overall, I really enjoyed “The Mortgage” Campaign. Not only was this campaign very interesting to analyze – but I also had a lot of fun with every view.

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