Rewards for Location based apps

Location based applications are a great marketing tool, and more and more vendors are getting a piece of the market. I recently came across Checkpoints: “the app that pays you back.” The idea is simple, go to various stores and check in to get loyalty points. Get bonus points when you scan specific products. And redeem your points for prizes, gifts and what not.

Location based Deals

Why would businesses want to offer something through Checkpoint? Well to promote a new product. Think about it… you can get buyers to physically hold your product as they scan the UPC code. Talk about an idea designed for the consumer market (probably hit with the discount-dads and coupon-moms.) Another side benefit, it can save a few extra trees replacing paper flyers.

This is similar to what you see with the Loopt announcement today. They rolled out their flash-deals feature. So now based on your proximity you may get a deal pushed out to your phone. Cool concept, but I can imagine being spammed by it too. But according to the founder, Sam Altman, this feature can be customized to your preferences.


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