Search Engine Optimization – Are you wasting your time?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a marketing strategy based on the way Internet users view search results. Similar to print advertisements, studies show that a user will scan their search results from left to right, top to bottom. The theory is that links placed first, or highest on the list will get the most hits. Therefore, SEO focuses on editing the content, keywords, and HTML coding of a website to boost its relevance to specific search terms in order to achieve a higher ranking within search results.

Does SEO really work?

Internet marketing experts claim that SEO can boost targeted traffic to your site by as much as 80% – 1000%. Is it true? Well, yes. An SEO expert has access to keyword research studies showing which keywords are receiving the highest search volume. Tweaking your website to include these keywords can definitely increase targeted traffic. Users are already in the market for your product or service, they do a quick search, your site comes up first, they click, and you’ve got instant “pre-sold” traffic. GREAT! Sounds like a win-win situation right?

Ease of SEO Measurement

One of the great strengths of using the Internet as a medium is the ease of tracking and reporting. You can track traffic down to the second. Reports can show you when your site is getting the most traffic, the number of unique and repeat visitors, and even where your visitors are coming from. You and compare increases in web traffic with increases in sales volume to get an idea of your return on investment.

Wait, what’s the catch?

SEO sounds like a dream come true if you’re looking to boost web traffic. It certainly has its strengths. But what some may not realize is that it’s a constant process of updating and optimizing. It takes considerable time for a website to make a noticeable gain in ranking, and there is no guarantee of continuous referrals. Search engine algorithms fluctuate and effective keywords can vary and lose their potential. Paying an SEO expert to update and maintain your site can be costly over time.

What other factors need to be considered?

Before jumping the gun and funneling your marketing dollars into an SEO strategy, there are few outside factors that need to be taken into consideration. Remember, all this strategy will give you is an increase in traffic, and that alone does not equal an increase in sales.

  • Design and Readability: If your site is cluttered and disorganized, visitors won’t take the time to decipher it. Keep in mind that the human eye scans from left to right, top to bottom. People look for specific sub-heads and bolded text. Web content needs to be appropriately organized, with the most relevant information positioned where the visitor will see it first.
  • Consistent Branding: Maintaining a consistent brand image is a hugely important factor with any medium. The way a consumer views your product or company is ultimately what drives them to make a purchase decision. Your brand needs to strike an emotional connection with a consumer in order to persuade them to hand over their money.
  • Ease of Use: Your site needs to be in working order at all times. All links need to be up and running. Shopping carts need to be user friendly and easy to navigate. If a visitor can’t figure how to get around your website, they will get frustrated and give up. This includes the number of clicks it takes a visitor to find what they’re looking for within the site. Users won’t waste time searching through multiple links. But a site that is quick and easy to navigate will keep visitors coming back.

Tying it all together

Search Engine Optimization can be a powerful marketing strategy when executed appropriately. It has the potential to boost traffic to your site and increase awareness of your brand among your target audience. But SEO on its own will not directly translate to an increase in sales. When building a marketing strategy, you need to consider other factors such as the site’s readability, brand image, and ease of use. As with any marketing plan, no single tactic will determine the success of a brand, but rather how a variety of strategies work together to effectively reach your marketing objectives.

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    SEO is not a waste of time! SEO can help you get very good traffic, see what others are doing on it!


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