SEO strategy in the Enterprise

Working with Large Enterprises, one thing is abundantly clear – the shear size of the company inherently introduces inefficiencies. This is very true when working with content – web content, digital assets, product data, etc. The amount of data presents the risk of it being lost with the rest.

This is when an overall Enterprise SEO strategy has its advantages. I’m sharing a few points that help SEO teams tackle this very issue.

Remove Enterprise Barriers

This may sound simple, but it’s one of the things often overlooked in large companies. Introduce a mindset that revolves around sharing a central information repository. This will help remove islands of information in your content.

Improve the User Experience

Think about the UX. These days there’s a lot of talk about UEO – User Experience Optimization (or others who refer to it as User Engagement Optimization). Either way, the result is the same – Present meaningful data to the user so they can interact and engage with it in a way that delivers value.

Track your SEO results

And at the end, think of simple KPIs that can be tracked throughout the organization. Keep the KPIs universal and manageable. And make sure you review these results on a regular basis and act upon it.


These are just a few thoughts that can help improve your overall SEO strategy in the Enterprise. For more details, read the blog post on Enterprise Grade SEO.

Zaki Usman

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