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Even though I will go off the track here, but I would like to talk about how great it feels when the product you market gets press coverage – especially if its positive.  I was pleasantly surprised to read the article from Antti Vilpponen in the Nordic ArticStartup Blog. Antti covers Severa 3, the product that I have helped market and launch recently. He writes:

I have to admit, looking at their website and statistics – they are doing very well. Severa was founded in 2004 and has grown a staggering 1304% over the last four years…  I have to disclose, that this is not a paid blog post by Severa, but I seldom am this fascinated by management tools!

Severa 3 for superhuman funtionality

You can read more of the blog article here.

Antti nailed it right about the company and the product. It’s been an extensive effort building up this brand in the project management and professional services automation field. We are trying out different marketing campaigns to get noticed by the right people. The market has many other similar vendors that address part of the same business problem. These include companies such as @task, OpenAir, QuickArrow, Freshbooks, Basecamp HQ and many others.

But what distinguishes Severa from the others is how we distill the most used features from the Professional Services Organizations (PSO) environment and present them in an intuitive interface. This is where the value add of the system is – The simplest style of the GUI that allows for powerful features with a single click.

I would encourage you to see this for yourself. Register for your free one user account at Severa. That’s right, the account is free for one user and has no time or feature restrictions.

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    I have used other time management systems as well. I should look at this too.


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