Smart Locks for Smart Homes

Gone are the days when you needed to make copies of your standard keys. Now you can have a virtual key give it to as many people as you like and cancel it whenever you like. Open your home door through hand gestures or use a numeric keypad or have a touch to open option.


Kwikset Kevo was the first smart lock available on the market.  Kwikset has a number of products that provide some great features that turns your smart device into a key with a Touch-to-Open convenience. Kevo smart locks lets you lock and unlock Kevo through your smart phone from anywhere using the internet.  It is also smart watch compatible and it replaces your original lock completely. They also offer a key fob for the Touch-to-Open convenience without using your smart phone.


With August you can still use your original lock and continue using your key as the keyhole is still available. By using the app on your smart phone, you can tap to lock or unlock the door, choose to grant access and create virtual keys for any duration of time. It also has a feature to auto lock after a period of time or if you move away and have an activity track on who enters and exits your house.


Schlage offers a few options for opening doors. You can use Schlage iOS app, a standard key, an illuminated touch screen numeric key pad or use Siri voice command with Apple HomeKit technology.


Yale Real Living Look Door Viewer and Yale Real Living Assure Lock are two products are soon to be launched.

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