State of Spam in 2012

For our client, we ran a very interesting online survey asking about email usage, spam and phishing threats. In our online survey we asked “average Joes” how they react to spam, email security and phishing threats.

Analysis of the survey reveals that half of the respondents use online mail services such as Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail. Most use such email services alongside work/school related email accounts. Nearly three quarters of the respondents use open public WiFi, exposing themselves to hackers looking to steal emails. A quarter or the respondents don’t carefully examine emails from banks and financial institutions. Such emails are often a target of phishing threats trying to steal banking credentials.

ROI with Content

This infographic is an ongoing process, so its still too early to say how this will effect lead-generation. But looking at it from a holistic perspective:

  • Survey generated over 1,500 additional visitors to the site
  • Since the survey was posted on the homepage, it slightly reduced the bounce rate
  • Survey was mentioned on Social channels and other backlinking sites incresing SEO

So even without looking at the demand-gen effect, the survey along with the infographics have delivered good ROI as a branding exercise.

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