SugarCRM – 360 view of customer service

This month, SugarCRM announced its Sugar Intelligence Service, which it promises will be a “one-stop shop of information” on seller-customer relations.

“In the near future, we plan to give SugarCRM users the ability to gather and analyze customer intelligence from a broad range of sources so that people spend less time entering data into the CRM and more time learning from it,” – Rich Green, SugarCRM Chief Product Officer.

Candace AI

The heart of this new service is Candace, the name of a Siri-like AI which will serve as a curator for consumer information.

Candace will keep internal CRM data up-to-date by merging it with information gathered from external sources, such as social media and IoT.

More than managing just data, SugarCRM envisions Candace managing customer-seller relationships and even people themselves.

Candace will provide the latest breaking news, recommend best actions, assist interactions with customers and plan meetings. It will also be able to listen in on meetings and provide feedback based on what it’s heard.

Predictive Analytics

SugarCRM’s Sugar Intelligence Service and Candace are powered by predictive analytics, gained from it’s acquisition of Contastic last year.

Contastic’s platform drew data from emails, LinkedIn and relevant news sources to create an idea of the target customer and salesperson relationship.

SugarCRM has taken Contastic’s idea to the next level and created a 24/7 digital administrative assistant.

Sales automation is not new. Software such as Leadsius, Sales Autopilot and Azuqua have been around for sometime. What Candace represents is the next step towards sales integration and automation.

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