The Apple Watch Says, It’s Time to Re-think Marketing

iOS update 8.2 was released earlier this March and those of you who have downloaded it already may have noticed a new default app for the Apple Watch.

Whether you intend to get the watch or not, you are going to have the supporting app for it and Forbes is naming this as the cornerstone that will form the basis of Apple’s marketing campaign for the watch.

“[It’s] A trigger to consider (again and again) if you need an Apple Watch and, if so, which of the models and price points speak to you,” says the Forbes article.

The Golden Apple (Watch)

You may find yourself hard of hearing however when you hear that the watch’s price range is between $350 and $17, 000. At $17, 000 dollars the so-called “Apple Edition” is 18-karat gold (and let’s face it, for that price, it had better be).

Apple may be aiming to change a lot more than your bank balance with this new tech gadget.

With no camera and no keyboard, and features such as NFC (Near Field Communication) and built-in monitoring of things like running distance, heart rate and blood pressure, the Apple Watch will not only change how the user interacts with the world, but also how the world interacts with them.

An article on Marketing Land, that I encourage you to checkout, points to the lack of keyboard particularly as revolutionary for a smart device. Programmers for the Istore are going to have to re-think how they create apps and how Watch users will be interacting with their products.

Also NFC functionality allows Watch wearers to pay at shops equipped to receive wireless payments, which is something that customers will surely start to expect once the Watch becomes more ubiquitous.

Want to target your marketing? Check their watch!

The tracking of vitals and exercise by the Apple Watch will also change not just the lifestyle of some wearers but also how companies market to those are looking to live healthy.

Run more than 50km this summer? Shows us your watch, at get 10% off of running shoes at Payless!

This is just an example that my limited imagination can come-up within five minutes, but starting now, the Apple Watch is opening up a whole new marketing world. And at the end, here’s a great parody from College Humor.

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