The iPhone 6s

With the iPhone 6S expected to be announced on September 9th, the rumor mill is hard at work speculating what the latest version of Apple’s smartphone will bring to the table.

This being an “S” version of the phone, we can expect internal upgrades, rather than a major redesign.

One “under the hood” improvement that we can expect for this generation is Force Touch.

Force Touch

Force Touch combines a pressure-sensitive display and haptic feedback to give the sense of a responsive and adaptive surface.

What is haptic feedback? Think of the rumble of an Xbox controller and you kind of get the idea.

Force Touch was already rolled out for the Apple Watch and the latest MacBooks.

In the case of the MacBook, its’ trackpad uses Force Touch to create the illusion of a double-click and we can expect a similar implementation for the iPhone 6S.

Force Touch will allow us to input a new type of information into our phones, namely pressure.

While Force Touch for the iPhone 6S is still just a rumour, Bloomberg reported in June that suppliers were producing phones that had the feature.

We will have to wait and see what Apple’s anticipated announcement will bring.

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