Top 5 Wireframe Tools

Wireframe tools are the most popular tools that web designers use to show the layout of a page. Essentially it is the blueprint or a visual guide that shows the framework for a website.

This is very helpful for all parties involved to come to an agreement on the page layout and the placement of the website content, navigational systems and interface elements.

Top Wireframe Tools

There are many wireframe tools in the market and they each provide different levels of functionality. Here are the top 5 wireframe tools for designers to check out.

Balsamiq Mockups

Balsamiq Mockups are a great tool to make quick sketches of what the website will be like. They are intentionally set up to show that they are “sketches” and to encourage feedback. Check out Balsamiq Mockups here.

Top Wireframe Tools Balsamiq Homepage-2


Axure RP is a desktop application used by business and UX professionals. It is one of the most comprehensive in terms of functionality prototyping tools. It offers drag and drop placement, resizing, and formatting of widgets. Interested in Axure? Learn more about their software here.

Top Wireframe Tools Axure Homepage


Here the prototypes can be shared online with clients and allows for collaborative feedback in real-time. It is easy to test the prototypes on mobile devices without any downloads. See if Pidoco is the tool for you here.

Top Wireframe Tools Pidoco Homepage


It is a great tool for getting sophisticated prototyping. It offers drag and drop placement, resizing, formatting and export/import of widgets. It also has features for annotating widgets. Find out what Justinmind has for you here.

Top Wireframe Tools Justinmind Homepage

InDesign CC

With InDesignIt it is very easy to create a mock-up of a website or app in the form of an interactive PDF. Libraries of page elements can also be created to make collections of various reusable interface graphics. Learn more about InDesign CC here.

Top Wireframe Tools Indesigncc Homepage

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