Twitter Marketing Strategies: Which is Right for You?

There are two options marketers have for promoting over twitter. Here is a breakdown of each, and which one is right for you.

Organic Tweets

Organic tweets use the basic tweet format. This tweet format is available to anyone using Twitter.

The upside: Organic tweets are completely free. When you post an organic tweet, it shows up in your follower’s timelines. You can also reach beyond your following by using popular keywords or #hashtags within your tweet for user’s browsing tweets explore page.

The downside: Organic tweets have limitations. Your organic tweet may receive very little impression if you have a small following. It is also difficult gaining traction on the explore page. With over 6,000 tweets per second, the odds of your tweet remaining visible for long on is low.

Promoted Tweets

Promoted tweets are posts that target specific audiences and have a cost attached to user engagement. Any tweet can be promoted through the Twitter ads format.

The upside: Promoted tweets give you much more control over who sees your tweet. You can target users by country, keyword, interests, device, followers of @handles, etc. There are also more features you can include in a promoted tweet, such as a website card. It allows you to attach an image to your tweet that includes a call-to-action button. This prompts Twitter user to take action.

The downside: Paid promotion obviously comes at a cost. You can choose to either be charged by the click or conversion. Depending on how you have set up targeting, promoted tweets can be expensive.

Which is for you?

If your new to Twitter marketing, it’s best to start with organic promotion. Organic promotion is like a sandbox. You can find out what works and refine your approach and strategy.

Once you have tested the waters of organic promotion, try your hand at paid marketing. Start off with baby steps: low daily budgets and tight targeting. Monitor your campaigns actively to see if your paid efforts are working. From there you can begin to scale up.

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