Using Twitter as a business tool

Twitter is pretty cool tool for mini blogging. In a recent survey conducted on Target Info Labs, regular readers cited the following reasons for using Twitter as a business tool:

Twitter poll - how many use it for lead generation

How many use Twitter for business

Business Networking and Publishing News are the two main reasons why people use this social networking tool. Not so surprisingly, not as many people use the application for lead generation. It can create interest and buzz – but not qualified leads.

Everyone is Tweeting – but who’s listening?

What I find interesting is the discrepancy in how more people use it to push news out, rather than read what others are saying – almost creating a network where everyone is talking but not as many are listening.

So that’s why its very important to create quality tweets on Twitter and build a network which you can “connect with”.  Below, I’ve listed some links that talk about how to build such a Twitter Network. Good luck using Twitter as part of your online social media relations strategy.

Zaki Usman

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    I would not say having a huge amount of contacts is the right thing. Twitter essence is about connecting people yes, but making contacts between real persons.

    This tool is only and extension of our physical networking capabilities. How would you be possibly able to interact with a list of 1,000?

    All those icons on your timeline are real persons, not only nicknames that, for any reason have decided to follow your thoughts, so interact with them, get empathy, engage and then, if it’s your purpose, sell.


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    I think more people are using Twitter for developing networks. But my question is if its possible to develop new contacts when you are limited to 140 characters?


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