Why Animated Banner Ads Still Should Be Used

Why use an animated banner ad when a simple search text ad does the job? While some wrestle with the issue of using this form of advertising, I’ll highlight some reasons when animated ads make sense.

Creating a storm of traffic

Like any storm, the right conditions must be in order for something truly spectacular to occur, like warm water, lots of moisture in the air, low vertical wind shear, and an area of low pressure. We can apply the same mentality to our animated banner ads, except the conditions we need to rain down traffic on our sites include ad placement and interest targeting. So what are these conditions?

Ad placement refers to exactly where our ad is located on a page. There are three different ad placements:
• Top banner ads – located at the top of the page stretching horizontally across.
• Side widget ads – located on the side of the page stretching vertically down.
• Inlay ads – sprinkled throughout the content of the page.

Interest Targeting refers to the affinity groups we will be advertising to, for example:
• Business technology
• Not-for-profit
• Donation

When we combine ad placement with interest targeting along with compelling content we can create the perfect storm to generate traffic.

Setting the stage for your storm

One last ingredient to ad to our perfect storm is to narrow down and select the platform which we think will optimize our animated ads. We know that mobile generates the highest percentages of CTR, so if you’re after high traffic, make sure you run your ads on mobile. However, you know what your advertising better than anyone, so optimize for the best platform to run your ad on and watch the numbers pour in!

So, why use an animated ad when a simple search text ad will do the job? With specific conditions in place, namely: Great ad positioning and sharp interest targeting combined with the right platform and content, we can create a perfect storm of web advertising.

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