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InterQ is a mobile app that helps break the ice between job applicants and recruiters.

The goal of the project was to convert the InterQ idea into a minimal viable product available for download from the App store.

ShoutEx Methodology

We started with the InterQ mind map and built a business case around it. This included looking at the user types, supported devices, testing style and code base, amongst several other factors.


With a solidified understanding of InterQ, we started developing user flows with a wireframe prototype.


At the same, we started to nail down the visual identity and brand of InterQ. Through an organized iterative process, we reached our final winning design.


The minimalist, modern look of InterQ was then translated into the App and captured in the Website.


Experience Highlights

  • Ideation
  • Brand development
  • Visual identity creation
  • UX
  • Business development
  • iOS development
  • Mobile apps

Final Results

Once the Beta product was released, extensive usability testing through interviews was conducted. This helped refine the user experience to deliver a beautiful product.

See it in Action

Test drive InterQ by visiting the website.

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