Ottawa Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Ottawa Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We increase online presence for Ottawa business through site-wide auditing, keyword analysis and competitive tracking.

Site-Wide SEO - Ottawa Adwords Management

Site-Wide SEO

Content Categorizing - Ottawa Adwords Management

Content Categorizing

Search Console Analysis - Ottawa Adwords Management

Search Console Analysis

Keyword Targeting - Ottawa Adwords Management

Keyword Targeting

Pagerank Tracking - Ottawa Adwords Management

Pagerank Tracking

Competitor Intel - Ottawa Adwords Management

Competitor Intel


Our Winning SEO Formula

Site SEO Auditing

By performing a site-wide SEO audit, we hone in on where SEO attention is needed and develop SEO strategies to increase search engine visibility.

Ottawa search engine optimization SEO auditing
Ottawa Search Engine Optimization SEO Competitor Intel

Competitor Intel

We track and analyze competitor SEO performance and find opportunities to leapfrog search rankings.

Keyword Targeting

Our SEO Engineers dig through keyword data to identify and prioritize highly valuable keyword targets for your business.

Ottawa-Search-Engine-Optimization SEO Keyword Tracking
Ottawa search engine optimization SEO Pagerank Tracking

Pagerank Tracking

Once SEO strategies have been implemented, we examine the results and analyze search engine performance to gauge success.

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