About our Company

We love marketing, and appreciate the web even more. Put these two together and you get a dedicated team of online marketeers. Our firm is based in the beautiful city of Ottawa, Canada.

How we Work

Marketing Consulting


Review your marketing to identify quick wins.
Product Marketing


Roadmap milestones with marketing deliverables.
Creative Magic


Create and implement beautiful campaigns.
Creative Animation


Help you cash in with awesome business results.

What our Clients say


Christine Diamente

Christine is the chair of the Industry Dialogue and the Head of Brand and Corporate Sustainability at Alcatel-Lucent.

Shoutex provided the Telecoms Industry Dialogue with fast and exceptional quality brand services and Web site design.


Slaven Vlacic

Slaven is the Manager of Information Technology at the National Judicial Institute.

ShoutEx delivered amazing design services and helped improve the user experience of our web application.


Damien Rame

Damien is the head of marketing at Vircom, a leading provider of enterprise email solutions.

Fast execution with high quality web marketing.


Victor Cruz

Victor is the principal at MediaPR.net, the PR firm for rising technology startups.

ShoutEx shows great marketing creativity and insight.


James Casserly

James is the CEO of ManuOnline, a software-as-a-service ERP for the manufacturing sector.

They grasped our brand and created a rich animated message with a strong call-to-action.


Ari-Pekka Salovaara

AP is CEO of Severa Visma, a cloud-based PPM solution.

Creative lead-generation combined with impressive results.

Awards won by our clients

ShoutEx client RedHerring ShoutEx Client WhiteBull award SC Awards Marketing Awards won by clients ShoutEx Marketing Awards in Finland

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