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Alcatel Lucent Fixed Access

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Project Overview

Alcatel-Lucent Fixed Access specializes in constructing fiber optic access infrastructure, enabling telecommunications service providers to offer ultra-broadband services to their customers. Their advanced technology supports high-speed internet, voice, and video services, meeting the growing demand for reliable and fast connectivity. 


Fixed Access was looking to generate awareness for their "History of Missed Opportunities" video series, which was designed to offer innovative solutions for Cable MSO providers.

The video campaign was accompanied by a case study download discussing new technology for Cable MSO networks.

ShoutEx Methodology

ShoutEx collaborated closely with the Fixed Access team to identify the Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). This involved gaining a deep understanding of the customers' buying motivators and demographic characteristics.

With this foundational knowledge, ShoutEx devised a comprehensive promotional strategy for the web series. They leveraged YouTube's in-stream and inlay ads to capture the attention of potential viewers. Additionally, they implemented a Google remarketing campaign to serve thematic Display ads, effectively driving targeted traffic to the lead magnet page.


The Solution

The initial priority was to develop an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) for the Fixed Access solution. This involved a comprehensive review of website analytics, conducting in-depth interviews with key sales personnel, and meticulously examining the existing customer base.

Through this detailed analysis, we successfully compiled a robust Ideal Customer Profile, instilling us with confidence in its accuracy and relevance.


Subsequently, we developed a comprehensive YouTube campaign utilizing both in-stream ads and overlay ads to promote the offer to our targeted demographic group.


This demographic group was meticulously crafted using the Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) as a foundation. We enriched this profile by incorporating data on user interests, recent search behavior, and their browsing history.


This highly granular approach ensured that our advertisements were seen by the most relevant audience—those who are most likely to engage with and purchase the Fixed Access solution.


We leveraged a variety of social and search platforms to direct relevant traffic to our lead magnet pages. This involved segmenting our audience on LinkedIn and X (formerly Twitter), as well as utilizing Google Search and Display Ads. By employing this granular approach, we ensured that high-quality traffic was consistently driven to our lead magnets.


The Results

The campaign was conducted over a four-month period and achieved outstanding success. It generated over half a million YouTube views for the targeted ads and achieved an engagement rate exceeding 6%, encompassing shares, comments, and likes. More importantly, the YouTube ads, in conjunction with advertising on Google Search, Display, LinkedIn, and Twitter/X, resulted in over 750 marketing-qualified leads from the lead-magnet whitepaper download page.

  • 500K views on YouTube

  • 6% engagement rate

  • 750+ MQLs generated

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Experience Highlights

  • Audience targeting
  • Message development
  • Campaign Optimization
  • YouTube Promotion
  • Twitter Promotion
  • LinkedIn Sponsored Updates
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Google Search Advertising
  • Google Display Advertising