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Client Overview

Alcatel-Lucent IP Routing and Transmission delivers robust, scalable, and flexible IP and optical networking solutions designed for high performance and speed. Their innovative technologies ensure efficient and reliable network operations, meeting the demands of modern enterprises.

To promote their latest offering, the Network Services Platform Video, the IP Routing and Transmission team is focused on building awareness and generating interest.

Additionally, they aim to drive demand for an accompanying white paper download, providing valuable insights and detailed information about their advanced networking solutions. This strategic approach helps educate potential customers and highlights the benefits of their cutting-edge technologies.


ShoutEx Methodology

Collaborating closely with the IP Routing and Transmission (IPRT) team, ShoutEx developed a comprehensive marketing strategy to enhance visibility and engagement. The strategy included a highly-targeted YouTube advertising campaign aimed at attracting quality viewers. These viewers were directed to the Cloud Network Services Platform demand generation page. The approach focused on leveraging YouTube’s precise targeting capabilities to reach the right audience, ensuring higher conversion rates. This strategic initiative was designed to maximize awareness and drive significant traffic to the demand-gen page, ultimately boosting interest and generating leads for the Cloud Network Services Platform.

The Solution

To further enhance visitor traffic, additional channels were leveraged, including Google Search and Display advertising, which targeted relevant keywords and demographics. Twitter promotions were utilized to reach a broader audience through engaging posts and targeted ads. LinkedIn sponsored updates provided another avenue to connect with professionals and decision-makers in the industry. This multi-channel approach ensured a comprehensive reach, driving qualified traffic to the demand generation page. By integrating these diverse advertising platforms, the campaign effectively increased visibility and engagement, resulting in higher traffic and greater interest in the Cloud Network Services Platform.






Took us to another level in digital promotion and search engine marketing.

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The Results

The results of our marketing strategy were highly effective, achieving significant engagement. The YouTube video promotion generated over 85,000 views, showcasing the broad reach and impact of our efforts. In late fall, the campaign was re-launched as a demand-generation initiative. This new phase included additional elements such as a case study download and a live webinar, further driving interest and engagement. These enhancements provided valuable insights and interactive opportunities for potential customers, effectively increasing lead generation and fostering deeper connections with our target audience.

  • 85,000+ views  


  • 240 webinar registrants

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Experience Highlights

  • Audience targeting
  • Message development
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • UX
  • YouTube Promotion
  • Google Search Advertising
  • Google Display Advertising
  • Twitter Promotion
  • LinkedIn Sponsored Updates