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Client Overview

Alcatel-Lucent aimed to promote two marketing collaterals that focused on the future of long-term evolution from both technological and business perspectives. The goal of this promotion was to position Alcatel-Lucent as a thought leader among a targeted list of key accounts within the telecommunications industry. By highlighting their forward-thinking insights and innovative solutions, Alcatel-Lucent intended to enhance their credibility and influence with top decision-makers and stakeholders in the sector. This strategic effort sought to demonstrate their expertise and leadership, thereby strengthening their relationships with important industry players and driving future growth.
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ShoutEx Methodology

Recognizing the significant industry buzz surrounding these collaterals, ShoutEx collaborated closely with the Alcatel-Lucent Wireless team to craft a targeted promotional strategy. This strategy focused on search engine marketing (SEM) to maximize visibility and engagement within the list of targeted accounts.

By combining SEM techniques with ABM, ShoutEx aimed to drive high-quality traffic to the collaterals, ensuring they reached the right audience. The campaign included keyword optimization, targeted ads, and continuous performance analysis, all designed to enhance Alcatel-Lucent's online presence and establish their leadership in the wireless telecommunications sector. 


The Solution

The key to targeting specific accounts through SEM was developing detailed persona demographics for those accounts. By understanding and identifying where the users were, which platforms they frequented, and the user groups or forums they engaged with, we could precisely focus on the right audience. This approach allowed us to maximize the campaign's effectiveness by reaching the most relevant user base for optimal impact

ShoutEx effectively delivered exceptional click-through rates through LinkedIn sponsored updates. This strategic approach not only enhanced the visibility and impact of the marketing collaterals but also ensured that the content reached the most relevant audience. As a result, the campaign achieved outstanding engagement metrics, demonstrating ShoutEx's expertise in creating and executing ROI-driven marketing strategies that drive measurable success and deliver significant value to their clients.

Conversion optimization used in landing-page ABM account-based marketing
CRO used in landing-page ABM account-based marketing

Took us to another level in digital promotion and search engine marketing.

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VP Marketing

The Results

The ABM campaign supported through search engine marketing achieved outstanding success. ShoutEx effectively drove substantial, high-quality traffic to the LTE report download landing pages using Google advertising and supporting ad platforms. This approach not only increased visibility but also ensured the target accounts engaged with the content, highlighting ShoutEx's proficiency in executing impactful and results-driven marketing campaigns.

  • 120 Account Targeted 

  • 6,200 Visits generated

  • 345 Leads generated

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Experience Highlights

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  • Audience Targeting
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  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Lead Magnet
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  • LinkedIn Sponsored Updates
  • Google Search Advertising
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