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Client Overview

Alcatel-Lucent aimed to significantly expand the reach of their Mobile Market Research campaign. This initiative featured the release of seven comprehensive reports, each offering groundbreaking insights tailored for service providers navigating the modern smartphone landscape.

The research covered critical aspects of the industry, providing valuable data and analysis to help service providers optimize their strategies and operations. By enhancing the distribution and accessibility of these reports, Alcatel-Lucent sought to position itself as a thought leader in the market, driving informed decision-making and fostering innovation within the telecommunications sector.



ShoutEx Methodology

The ShoutEx team collaborated closely with Alcatel-Lucent to develop a comprehensive outbound marketing campaign.

Leveraging the capabilities of the team, ShoutEx conducted in-depth analyses and optimizations of the Mobile Market Report landing pages.

This strategic optimization effort was pivotal in enhancing the performance of these pages, particularly in the context of Google search engine marketing campaigns.


The Solution

By leveraging strategic pre-launch landing page optimization and precise search engine marketing tactics, ShoutEx successfully achieved impressive conversion rates across all Mobile Marketing Research collaterals. The meticulous optimization of the landing pages ensured that they were highly engaging and user-friendly, which played a crucial role in attracting and retaining visitor interest.

Additionally, ShoutEx's targeted search engine marketing efforts effectively drove high-quality traffic to these pages, further enhancing their visibility and reach. This comprehensive approach not only maximized the campaign's impact but also reinforced ShoutEx's expertise in delivering results-driven marketing strategies.


Took us to another level in digital promotion and search engine marketing.

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The Results

The final outcomes of the Mobile Market Report series were exceptionally positive.

Over 25,000 visits were generated for the various landing pages used in the Lead Magnet program. Conversion rates were consistently high at 23% and generated more than 200 downloads to the report. 

  • 25,000+ unique visitors 

  • 11% conversion rate

  • 200+ report downloads/leads

Logo Lead Magnet promotion using Social media for IP Routing & Transmission

Experience Highlights

  • Audience targeting
  • Message development
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Google Search Advertising
  • Google Display Advertising
  • LinkedIn Sponsored Updates