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Netcomm Wireless

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Demand and Lead Generation for Tech Startup in Australia





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Project Overview


NetComm Wireless (NetComm) is a leading developer of bespoke, network-grade telecommunications equipment in Australia.

NetComm planned to make a game-changing 5G announcement at the MWC Barcelona. They wanted to leverage the opportunity to increase demand, generate leads and amplify their brand.

They came to ShoutEx to help them achieve their goals. 

ShoutEx Methodology

We started off by developing a target persona and identified the ONs and OFFs of their ideal customer. Based on this reference point, we drafted resonating messages on each of the selected social platforms.


Persona development focusing on the ideal customer of a Telecom solution set with listed ONs and OFFs.


Using Google Ads to hone in on Search and Display networks, with the right industry keyword settings and geographic location.


Setting a comprehensive LinkedIn Ads campaign for Account Based Marketing, targeting the right job functions, company and geographic location.

The Solution

We used several psychographic segmentation techniques to hone in on our market. Our promotional platforms included Google Search, Display Ads, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn and X/Twitter.

DisplayAd-1-digital-marketing-agency-waterloo-tech-product-GTM-launch-demand-generation-lead-gen-software-saas- 2
Demand-Gen-Ad -digital-marketing-agency-waterloo-tech-product-GTM-launch-demand-generation-lead-gen-software-saas-

We took our approach a step further by making sure NetComm's microsite had the best User Experience - from the right content, imagery and Call-To-actions. This gave us superb conversions to capture leads and generate demand.


ShoutEx isn't like any other digital marketing agency. They go above and beyond what is required. 

quote-eb-digital-marketing-agency-seo-ads-tiktok-social-media-lead-generation-demand-generation-local-seo-conversion-rate-optimizationEls Baert
Director of Marketing, NetComm Wireless

The Results

The Mobile World Congress campaign followed by additional Lead/Demand generation campaigns were a total success. We were able to increase the brand image significantly with our prospects, helping to increase Sales conversions and lower days to close. Other important KPIS include the following:

  • 50+ leads for that Quarter

  • 20+ in person demo visits at the Show

  • 10+ positive coverage articles 


Where are we now

Success to Acquisition

After the successful launch of the 5G self install modem campaign following by a stellar  performance at MWC, NetComm Wireless went on to be acquired by Casa Systems. The acquisition was a perfect business match with NetComms strong technology supplementing Casa Systems market dominance. 

Logo Demand and Lead Generation for Tech Startup in Australia

Experience Highlights

  • Message Development
  • Lead/Demand Gen
  • YouTube Ads
  • Google Advertising
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • X/Twitter Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Microsite UX
  • Conversion Optimization