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ABM (Account Based Marketing) for Oil & Gas Software provider

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Project Overview

Alcatel-Lucent Oil & Gas provides telecommunications solutions to the Oil, Gas and Mining industries.

As part of their lead-generation technique, they offered an innovative white paper demonstrating how to improve efficiency, boost production and lower costs for mining companies.

Whitepaper lead magnet cover used in ABM

In the oil and gas industry, white papers serve as lead magnets, attracting technical professionals by offering insights, analysis, and solutions. They provide valuable information on industry trends, innovations, and challenges, enhancing engagement and fostering business relationships.

Report lead magnet cover used in ABM
A whitepaper provides comprehensive insights and analysis tailored for Engineers, IT managers, and technical staff, aiding in informed decision-making by presenting detailed information, analysis, and recommendations within a concise document.
Cover paper used as lead magnet cover used in ABM
A whitepaper lead magnet offers tailored insights, addressing specific pain points and showcasing expertise, engaging large enterprise accounts in account-based marketing. It establishes credibility, fosters trust, and drives prospects through the sales funnel with targeted, value-driven content.

ShoutEx Methodology

ShoutEx worked closely with the client to develop an effective persona and messaging strategy that focused on key accounts. These accounts were hand picked by their sales team as valued organizations.

We then implemented the strategy over LinkedIn to target the key accounts using relationship building techniques. 

LinkedIn for Account based marketing segmentation of Audience
Sample Linkedin Ad used in ABM for Telecomm solution provider in Oil and Gas


The campaign was supplemented with Google Display advertising to reach audiences actively reading about mining communications technology.


Google Ad segmentation and Retargeting in Account Based Marketing strategy Google Display ad mock up for Account based marketing


The Solution

Through an iterative process, our mockups were refined to create a beautiful and highly functional website for TID.

Lead magnet used in Account based marketing for Telecom provider in Oil Gas

Took us to another level in digital promotion and search engine marketing.

quote-hr-digital-marketing-agency-seo-ads-tiktok-social-media-lead-generation-demand-generation-local-seo-conversion-rate-optimizationHeather Ritchie

The Results

The Oil & Mining case study promotion was extremely successful in generating highly-valuable traffic to the white paper landing page.

Our refined LinkedIn sponsored update efforts targeted the right audience to deliver exceptionally high click-through- rates. The optimized landing page yielded high quality leads at a very low customer acquisition cost.

  • 750+ lead captured from key accounts

  • 22% rise in conversion rates

  • 25% drop in Cost Per Lead

LogoABM (Account Based Marketing) for Oil & Gas Software provider

Experience Highlights

  • Account Based Marketing
  • Lead Magnets
  • Message development
  • Social Media Promotions
  • LinkedIn Sponsored Updates
  • Google Search Advertising
  • Google Display Advertising
  • Campaign Optimization