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Success story ofLead Generation/Lead Magnet for Next Gen Anti Virus Cyber software

Jump in Leads


Reduction in CAC

Avg SERP Lift

Project Overview

Vircom is a leading software provider of antispam solution for the Enterprise. Their requirements were simple – they needed a creative lead-gen campaign to drive more free trials of their software.

ShoutEx Methodology

In close collaboration with the client, ShoutEx developed a ROI-driven marketing strategy to drive high conversion-rates for the free trials.

Lead Generation for Cyber security through Lead Magnets
Mockup google display for lead magnet and demand gen

The Solution

With a creative ad program involving “super-hero” concept, ShoutEx was able to deliver very strong click-through- rates through Google Search and Display Ads.

Example ad for cyber security lead-gen
Ad example for next-gen antivirus demand-generation
ad example of lead-magnet for signups

 Fast execution with high quality web marketing.

dr-vircom-software-saas-montreal-quebec-digital-marketing-agencyDamien Rame
Head of Marketing

Microsite used for lead magnet to drive up downloads for antivirus product
A specific microsite was created to capture specific leads for a Microsoft Exchange offer.
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The landing page was developed as a WordPress microsite that was self-contained with a strong message, product information, credibility builders and a clear call-to- action.

The Results

The creative campaign was a solid success with a beautiful site that was self-contained in the Vircom domain. The campaign also provided 5x as many leads by reducing the Cost-per-customer acquisition by nearly 60%

  • 5x lift in leads from previous quarter

  • 60% reduction in CAC

  • 5.4 SERP lift in keywords on Google

Where are we now

Thriving in SMB and MSP market

Vircom has gone from a promising startup to a globally trusted leader in cybersecurity solutions, demonstrating a firm commitment to protecting its clients against evolving cyber threats. Over the past three decades, thier tailored solutions have served Managed Service Providers and IT experts in small to mid-sized businesses, ensuring simplified, effective security for their diverse needs.

Logo ofLead Generation/Lead Magnet for Next Gen Anti Virus Cyber software

Experience Highlights

  • Audience Targeting
  • Message Development
  • Lead Generation
  • Google Search Advertising
  • Google Display Advertising
  • Microsite UX
  • WordPress Development
  • Conversion Rate Optimization