Enecto for Lead Identification

Enecto provids a B2B Identification solution using a code snippet thats part of your website. It matches the visitors IP address with a pool of IP addresses in its database. If there is a match, it identifies the visitor from such and such company. The database is further referenced for BI (Business Intelligence) data provided by Dun & Bradstreet. The application is pretty robust and offers good data on visitors. But it doesn’t have the same level of features as Active Conversion and neither the cool user interface of Demand Base Streamer.

Originally posted 2009-06-10 10:33:56.

Top Youtube Video Ads of 2014

Each year YouTube audiences are presented with video ads varying from blowout sales on brand new mattresses to the webs most popular brain training programs. What makes us explore these offerings that seem to be tailored to our personal preferences? Although I can’t say every single video ad that I’m exposed to sparks an interest and makes me click, I generally tend to look into an ad that has been delivered to me based on what I have searching for the previous day. Such is the beauty of Google Targeted Ads hard at work!

Originally posted 2015-01-02 02:34:37.

The Sounds of IKEA

During a trip to IKEA for a new office desk, I felt nostalgic as I made way through the DIY furniture maze. IKEA was playing all the classics of the 80s – from Banarama to Duran Duran. That realization made me think – are they doing this on purpose? Or is the store manager a big fan of The Breakfast Club?

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